Making fantasy a reality




• Are you Available anytime?

- Yes, screening prior and giving advance notice increases your chances of booking the time you prefer. Introductions and screening move you to the top of the response list. 


•What’s the best way to contact you?

- Text or Email is preferred. Introducing yourself, and providing screening info greatly increase chances for quicker response. 

New Client Advice:

- When contacting an Escort PLEASE NOTE an Escort is not a prostitute. Escorts sell their TIME only, Anything that happens in that time is between two consenting adults with mutual interests. Escorts will NOT discuss services with new clients. DO NOT BREAK THE LAW WHILE BREAKING THE LAW. DO NOT ask about Services,Rates or anything that would otherwise incriminate you both. You should not EVER ask for discounts or deals, specially from escorts you’ve never seen. Never speak vulgar, or disrespectful. Any noncompliance of these things will most likely result in communication ending.

-Always meet your Escort with the agreed donation. Always set donation in plain sight of your escort and excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands so she can make sure your donation is in order. It’s common etiquette that if you decide not to spend time with your escort after you’ve met, tip her [40-80 is custom] for her time anyways. It’s ok to walk away, but being a good hobbyist will get you very far with the ladies. 

-Most Important! Be respectful! Respect her time. Escorts don’t sit around bored all day! We are constantly working, creating content and so much more. Please provide her screening immediately, there’s nothing an escort hates more than having to pull information out of a client. If you’d like to be seen you should have no problem providing what the escort asks. *All escorts screen differently,but the objective of screening is the same. Screening is for safety, and there is no way around it. Reading the listing/website will give you all the information you’ll need about the provider, including her screening preferences.

-Always be on time, if your running late let your Escort know. If you book a certain amount of time, be respectful of that. Although most escorts do not clock watch, it’s very rude to book a QV and expect to stay for 30min. Please book your time appropriately.

- If you book and do not show, expect to pay a cancellation fee to your provider. It’s customary to show respect for everyone’s time, and if she set aside time just for you that means she could have taken another client but chose you. Be respectful of that. 

-Hobbyists earn reputations also, so please always be respectful, polite and most importantly, be clean! Providers love great hobbyists and treat them like Royalty! Making it easy for your provider will make it amazing and fun for you! You may even make the top of your providers list by providing everything she has asked. It goes along way with us!

- Really most Important: Have fun! This is a drama free, relaxing hobby. We’re all here to have a good time. And that all depends on how you contact.